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Sustainable Duck Farming: The Trùng Khánh Grass Ducks Success Story

16/12/2023 – In the verdant landscapes of Trùng Khánh, Cao Bằng province, a farming revolution is taking place. Nông Văn Đông, a former border trade worker, has transformed his career trajectory by establishing a thriving farm that marries traditional practices with modern techniques.

Shifting to Sustainable Agriculture

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Mr. Nông Văn Đông’s previous cross-border trading occupation, prompting him and his wife to invest in nearly 10 hectares of agricultural land for integrated farming. Their farm, nestled along the Quây Sơn River, now cultivates crops like Trùng Khánh chestnuts, pears, apples, and guavas, while also raising ducks.

Spotlight on Trùng Khánh Grass Ducks

Anh Nông Văn Đông chia sẻ về phương pháp nuôi vịt cỏ Trùng Khánh đạt chất lượng cao và đảm bảo an toàn dịch bệnh. Ảnh: Sơn Trang.

The flagship product of Mr. Đông’s farm is the Trùng Khánh grass duck, a breed renowned for its flavorful meat and descended from wild mallard ducks. In 2021, Vietnam’s Intellectual Property Office granted the breed a collective trademark, affirming its esteemed status.

Blending Tradition with Technology

While local farmers typically raise ducks free-range, Mr. Đông implements modern housing and biosecurity measures to ensure flock health and product quality. Ducklings are initially reared on mesh floors for 30 days to strengthen immune systems before access to outdoor ponds. This approach yields robust ducks with low mortality and consistent growth rates.

Balanced Feeding Regimen

To maintain the distinctive flavor of Trùng Khánh grass ducks while promoting healthy development, Mr. Đông combines commercial feed with traditional forage sources. Ducklings are fed pelleted rations for 25 days, followed by a diet of bananas, corn, rice and grazing until market weight at 60 days.

High Market Demand

The farm’s commitment to rigorous biosecurity protocols and disease control has made its products highly popular with local hotels and restaurants. Recognizing the operation’s potential, Agribank has extended Mr. Đông a credit line of up to 5 billion VND.

As Mr. Đông’s farm prospers, it exemplifies the power of agricultural innovation to ensure food safety while preserving culinary heritage.

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