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Innovative Farming: Embracing Technology for Sustainable Agriculture

19/12/2023 – In the bustling city of Hai Phong, Vietnam, a remarkable transformation is underway. Farmers are rapidly adopting contract farming and integrated production chains, revolutionizing the traditional poultry industry. This shift towards industrialized agriculture is not just a local trend but a reflection of a global movement towards sustainable and efficient farming practices.

  • Contract Farming Surge: Hai Phong’s agricultural landscape is witnessing a surge in contract farming, where farmers enter into agreements with enterprises to ensure a steady supply of quality poultry products. This model provides farmers with stability and predictability, reducing the risks associated with market fluctuations and enhancing their bargaining power.
  • Integrated Production Chains: The city has established 9 concentrated farming zones, aligning with the overall planning and facilitating the application of advanced techniques. These zones ensure disease safety, biosecurity, and environmental hygiene, crucial for producing high-yield, competitive products.
  • Small-scale to Large-scale: The transition from small, spontaneous models to large-scale farms is evident, with 274 farms housing over 6 million chickens. This shift is instrumental in industrializing and modernizing Hai Phong’s poultry farming, enhancing production levels and disease prevention through improved infrastructure and management.
  • Economic Impact: The adoption of contract farming and integrated production chains has significantly boosted the local economy. Farmers enjoy increased economic efficiency, with a system that supports every step from breeding and rearing to product distribution and marketing.

This evolution in Hai Phong’s agricultural sector is a testament to the power of technology and innovation in fostering a sustainable future. For farmers and investors alike, these advancements offer a promising horizon, ripe with opportunities for growth and prosperity.

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