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The Economic Surge of Tet Roosters in Tam Loc’s Agricultural Sector

In Tam Loc, a significant transformation is evident as the Tet holiday nears, signifying a surge in demand for ceremonial roosters, thereby enhancing the economic stability of local agribusinesses. This shift from conventional aviculture to the specialized breeding of Tet roosters not only guarantees a steady revenue stream but also opens the door to a more profitable niche market. Nguyen Van Dien, a forerunner in this domain, has successfully prepared his operations to supply an impressive quota of 3,000 meticulously bred roosters, adhering to the stringent criteria required for Tet ceremonial purposes.

Những năm qua, nhiều hộ dân ở xã Tam Lộc (Phú Ninh, Quảng Nam) đã chuyển qua mô hình nuôi gà trống tơ phục vụ nhu cầu cúng Tết, mang lại hiệu quả cao. Ảnh: K.Y.

The breeding cycle commences in the lunar month of August, incorporating rigorous biosecurity protocols to mitigate disease risks, coupled with the selective breeding of the Mia variety, celebrated for its vibrant plumage and superior vitality. This strategic approach yields a product that can command a higher market value, with prices reaching up to 90,000 VND per kilogram, thus ensuring a significant profit margin post operational costs.

Giống gà được chọn nuôi là gà Mía với bộ lông đẹp, chân vàng, mào to, cao và đỏ đậm. Ảnh: K.Y.

Nuôi gà trống cúng Tết đòi hỏi phải chăm sóc kỹ hơn so với nuôi gà thịt thông thường. Ảnh: K.Y.

Tam Loc’s foray into Tet rooster cultivation encapsulates a narrative of ingenuity and adaptability, reflecting the dynamic nature of Vietnam’s agricultural entrepreneurs. This initiative not only exemplifies the integration of traditional customs with contemporary farming techniques but also forecasts a promising avenue for sustainable agricultural development. The Tet rooster emblematically transcends its ceremonial role, symbolizing the potential for economic renewal and optimism within the rural sectors of Vietnam.

Translated by Quyen.



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