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Bắc Giang’s Vaccination Strategy Against Avian Influenza: A Case Study

Bắc Giang province faces the threat of avian influenza, a highly contagious viral disease that affects poultry and can potentially infect humans. To protect its poultry industry and public health, the province has implemented a comprehensive and proactive vaccination strategy, aiming to achieve at least 80% immunization coverage among the poultry population.

Policy Enforcement:

The Chairman of Bắc Giang’s People’s Committee issued Directive 849, which mandates coordinated and rigorous efforts to prevent and control avian influenza outbreaks. This includes mobilizing resources and funds to ensure swift and effective response to any disease occurrence.

Vaccination Drive:

A key focus is to enhance the vaccination rate among the poultry stock. Authorities instruct farmers to adopt strict biosecurity measures and conduct thorough vaccinations, targeting a minimum coverage of 80%.

Để ngăn chặn bệnh cúm gia cầm hiệu quả, UBND tỉnh Bắc Giang nhấn mạnh công tác tiêm phòng vacxin trên đàn vật nuôi. Ảnh: TL.

Surveillance and Control:

The province has established mobile inter-agency inspection teams to monitor and manage the transportation, trade, and slaughter of poultry, ensuring compliance with health regulations.

Future Goals:

By 2030, Bắc Giang aims to develop large-scale, biosecure poultry farms, with 50% of chickens and 30% of waterfowl raised under industrial conditions, reflecting a commitment to disease safety and sustainable agriculture.

The province’s proactive approach serves as a model for others, demonstrating the effectiveness of anticipatory health measures in maintaining a robust agricultural sector.

This article presents a case study of Bắc Giang’s strategic response to avian influenza through vaccination and regulation, showcasing its dedication to agricultural safety and public health. The initiative not only protects the local poultry industry but also contributes to the global effort to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases.

Translated by Quyen.


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